Panel Discussion
Shaking up the Status Quo to Achieve Better Results!
Improving Food Safety & Quality Operations with Technology
Online Panel Discussion| Thurs., Oct. 5 10:00-10:45 a.m. Pacific
Rudy deWit
Thresher Wheat
Director of Food Safety
Madison Maxwell
Roots Hummus
Director of Food Safety & Compliance
Anthony Villaloboz
Bobby Cox Companies
Director of Quality Assurance
Considering shifting from paper to technology to more effectively ensure compliance? Mitigate risks? Control costs? Daunted by the prospect of making this shift within your organization? You’re not alone!
Join us for an informative panel discussion as three SafetyChain customers share their experiences of rolling out technology to more effectively manage their FSQA operations. We’ll explore the implementation process each went through, lessons learned, and results being achieved. Sign-up today!

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